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Moving on.

I just found out that I really like to sing. I like how I can shout out my feelings into a beat. Lately, I've been wondering becasue I see him hugging her. He hugs her and looks at her with those loving brown eyes. People say that shes a good singer, too. But, I wonder who's better...He keeps posting photo's of them and I keep seeing them kiss in the hallway. He treats me just like another stranger, but he knows me because I hangout with his sister. I want to move on, but I can't really go anywhere. Right now, I'm just trying to ignore him because ignorance is his best friend. I keep looking at the pictures, though. I see how happy he is with her. Part of me wishes he was with me, but the other part says he's better off this way. I guess it true what people say, when you truly love someone you will let them go just so they can be happy with someone whose not you.


I was lost in my own little way. I was free on these quiet nights. You can hear the crickets, the clock, the tv from acroos the hall,and my fingers touching the keyboard. But one thing that many don't know is that I have stories to tell. Story from familiar people that I don't know and stories about there children. How they are at school, how they kiss and tell, and how they keep secrets from there parents. But one way or another I hear there secrets about them being in love,being gay, or the latest gossip. I don't kiss and tell. I have there stories in my head. Living there and staying there...until one day they will slip out in anger.

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